Frequently Asked Questions

Is Taboo X Tube Free?

–>Yes, Taboo X Tube is 100% Free! We rely solely on Ad Revenue. We also Try and keep the Ads the least Invasive as Possible. So don’t forget to Deactivate your Ad Blocker to Help Support Taboo X Tube!

What do I need to do to Sign-Up on Taboo X Tube?

–>Click the Register Button on Top Right, provide us with with a Username, Email Address, and Desired Password. Prove Your not a Robot and hit the Sign up Button. Then Log in.

I Forgot My Password. How Can I Reset My Password?

–>To Reset your Password, simply click Lost Password? located on bottom Right of Log In Window. Enter the Username or E-mail you used in your Profile. A Password Reset Link will be sent to you by email.

Do I have to Sign Up to Upload?

–>Yes. Everything you Upload is attached to your Profile, so you must Sign up to Upload.

How do I Upload a Video?

–>To Upload a Video, simply click Upload a Video located at the Top of Our Page. Fill in all Required Information and click the Submit a Video Button.

I have an Exciting Idea for Taboo X Tube, how can I share it with you?

–>We Appreciate hearing all Creative/Innovative Ideas. Please use the Feature Request Form.

How can I Stay Up-to-Date with what’s happening at Taboo X Tube?

–>Check out the Official Taboo X Tube Blog for News and New Feature Announcements.

Does Taboo X Tube have any Social Media Accounts I can Follow?

–>You can find us on Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram.

My Question wasn’t Answered Here, what can I do now?

–>If you couldn’t find the Answers you were looking for Here, feel free to Contact Us.